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Rev. Joel and Clarion Fritsche – Dominican Republic:  For the past 3 ½ years in Amigos de Cristo in Las Americas serving the people there, and for the almost year and half also serving as the position of Director of Concordia Seminary the Reformer in Santiago, the Fritsche Family is now situated full time in Santiago.  Rev. Fritsche will be a missionary pastor/church planter at Pueblo Nuevo in Santiago and continue as Director of the Seminary.  After a brief trip to share time with relatives in the United States this summer, it was a “whirlwind of activity” to pack up and move out of their apartment in Santo Domingo, secure different living arrangements in Santiago, attend a regional conference, greet new sem students, a new school year for the Fritsche boys and the sem students.  Prayers are requested for the Fritsche family as they adjust to life and work full time in Santiago.

Rev. Tim and Beth Heiney – West Africa:  The Heineys are currently in the United States reconnecting with friends and meeting with new people.  Their goal is to reach at least 1,000 people encouraging everyone to be prayer warriors. Being back in the US, the Heineys have noted “how much there is here that works to keep our focus off of God and on the world around us.”  Prayers are requested that a container shipped by the Orphan Grain Train may be retrieve.  It has been in port for many months, and one problem after another has occurred in retrieving it.  Now the charges have become unreasonable and it will soon go up for auction.  Among the contents are medical supplies that would be helpful to the clinic in West Africa.  Pray that “God will intervene and someday be able to see it sitting at their clinic.”  The Heineys will be at Shepherd of the Hills on Sunday, November 11 to share their ministry with us.  God bless them and provide safety as they travel throughout the US to engage the “prayer warriors” in their car with 190.000 miles.

Greg and Sinuon Holz – Cambodia:  The street kids at Crossing Cambodia are entering their sixth year of ministry.  This summer the older kids were able to witness a baptism of a staff member in the sea.  The kids were there on their annual school break trip, with VBS at the beach, hosted by a church from Wisconsin. In September, Crossing Cambodia received formal recognition from the government.   New laws by the local government required a Memorandum of Understanding with the local government, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs for all organizations working with children.  This required very strict requirements of operating in Cambodia and was a grueling process for the staff.  Praise God for his blessings to receive formal recognition by the government.   The goal for the ministry this year is to gradually increase staff and a sponsorship base to reach out to more kids.  This year 30 children are enrolled and two staff members have been added.

Pastor Tim and Heidi Norton – Navajo:  Pastor Tim reports that the Native families and communities want healing.  On the reservations there are constant reports of drug-related crimes, abuse and suicide. “Vicar Rick McCafferty (Inupiaq/Cherokee) is a leading force in our healing ministry and has been making the rounds this summer.”  He and Pastor Norton, together with a few Navajo men, went on their third Annual Men’s Retreat “which is based on the Beauty for Ashes practice of creating a safe space to share stories and support each other.”  They are pictured on Mt. Taylor, Elevation 11,300 feet.   Pastor Tim has a relationship with these men throughout the year and changes are beginning to be made in the hearts of these men.  It is a slow process to healing, but the year-round relationship and retreats have proved to gain the trust of these men.  The third annual retreat “was the best ever.”

Iantha Scheiwe – Hong Kong: The Scheiwes were grateful that there was just minor leaking in their apartment from the rains during the September typhoon in Hong Kong.   This typhoon was the strongest tropical cyclone worldwide so far in 2018.  There is still much work to do for the infrastructure and safety repairs in the area.   This month Iantha is facilitating a 24-hour prayer retreat for a small group of women.  Iantha encourages and nurtures Mission of Christ Missionaries in the region.  At this time she is funded just 17% for the fiscal year ending in June 2019.  Iantha will be in the US in March 2019 and we look forward to her visit at SOTH.

Doug and Tricia Stoner – Europe:  The Stoners have returned to Colorado after spending time with their supporting churches throughout the US, and with their son, Ryan, in Santa Barbara, CA.  Praise and thanks to the Lord that people are interested in going to Rome and to Malta to minister to the people there and more are interested in helping with the English camp next summer in Vienna.  Doug and Tricia will go the Thailand the end of the month for the Pioneers leadership meetings.  Continue to pray for the Stoners for the Lord’s guidance and direction for their ministry in Europe.

Dr. Wilhelm and Angelika Weber – Germany:  Dr. Weber writes: “We have much reason to rejoice for past blessings, where others have sown and we’ve harvested from the fruits of their labor.  We’ve come into a modern and nicely structured apartment in the Old Latin School.  The devotional operations have been up and running in the chapel thanks to the neighboring Pastors Fischer and Wenz.  The bookshop is well stocked.  The study library and visitor’s center are easily accessible and gladly frequented.  We’re so grateful for these great assets in this house.”   Due to efforts of past efforts of those before the Webers, “the Old Latin School has established a worldwide circle of friends and supporters transforming it into a center of attraction for global Lutheranism, which encourages many to return back home invigorated by the gracious gospel of our Lord and motivated anew by it to do their part in our common mission to brighten up the world, wherever God has put us to be the light.”  Over 150 visitors signed the guest book at the Old Latin School in September, including visitors from Japan, Finland, Chile, Africa, Spain, the Baltics, Scandinavia and the United States.  Chapel services are done in German, English, Norwegian or Dutch.

PRAY for all missionaries, that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the peoples throughout the world to know and hear the love of Jesus and the path to eternal life.  Also pray for the health and safety of all missionaries and their families.

MISSIONS/Missionary Support Ministry
All missionaries must raise their own living expenses. The funds are received from churches and individual donors. You or your small group may, at any time, give to a specific missionary by marking their name on “Other” on your Shepherd offering envelope. Consider individually or as a group adopting one of these missionaries. More information on the missionaries can be found on the church website, or contact Maynard Buck, Mission Ministry Leader.