Lutheran Church and School

Missionary Monthly News

JUNE 2018

Pastor Tim and Beth Heiney – West Africa:  Pastor Tim visits the markets regularly and has had many conversations with a man named “Camara” (not his real name.)    He has a Bible in French and films about Jesus in his first language.  His grandfather came back from World War II a Christian, but to date Camara has rejected Christianity.  Beth does not usually go to the markets with Tim, but this day the Holy Spirit was nudging her to go with him.  They found Camara and he had lots of questions.  A crowd began to gather, the volume of conversation got pretty high and then a man with a radio stopped by.  Another man came along who was “more learned in the local teaching and was there in defense of his religion and holy book.” (This is Satan working and the Heineys have seen this happen in the past.)  At this point Beth was on the sidelines beginning to pray for Tim that the Holy Spirit would lead the discussion.  And then it happened, the question was asked “Well, what is the difference between the prophets?”  Tim responded that he could explain that but it would take time.  Camara had time.  Immediately, “it was as if God miraculously ‘cleared the room.’”  Tim then explained the difference between the mission of our prophet vs the mission of their prophet.  “He explained how Jesus’ entire mission was to come to the earth specifically to die as a sacrifice for all of us because God loves us.”  Beth continued to “pray feverishly that their eyes and ears would be opened to hear these words.”  Continue to pray that hearts will be opened to the love of Jesus.


Greg and Viya Holz:  Greg reports that they are getting settled in their new center.  A team of young men from The World Race lay down 5 metric tons of gravel and then students from Concordia Texas came to the center, camped on-site, lay down 3 more tons of gravel, built a vegetable garden and put in concrete borders around the pathways at the center.  In May, the Shepherd team provided dental care and VBS activities.  The fifth full school year will conclude in July.  The older students will be moving into the 6th grade and the younger students will begin 1st grade.  Praise God for the love and support these students are receiving.


Rev. Dr. George Naeem- Throughout the World:  “Lady Professor of Islam With Her Family Converts to Christ:  We praise the Lord for our sister who converted to Christ after a long journey of challenges and struggles.  She has been teaching Islam for 21 years in the most famous Islamic university in the world, is a dedicated Muslim and committed person.  She and her husband suffered a lot in their lives, because they missed peace and hope.  They started to read the Quran again and analyze its words and stories, when they got shocked by the false stories and terrible mind of the God of Islam and how he hates mankind and doesn’t show any mercy.  They started to read the Bible, and the Lord has opened their minds to understand His Word.  They came to our Seminary and asked many questions.  They passed through a very hard time of resistance and finally confessed their faith in Christ along with their three children, were baptized and moved to another country where they have started their own mission.  All glory to the Lord!”  Pray for more converts.


PRAY for all missionaries, that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the peoples throughout the world to know and hear the love of Jesus and the path to eternal life.  Also pray for the health and safety of all missionaries and their families.

MISSIONS/Missionary Support Ministry
All missionaries must raise their own living expenses. The funds are received from churches and individual donors. You or your small group may, at any time, give to a specific missionary by marking their name on “Other” on your Shepherd offering envelope. Consider individually or as a group adopting one of these missionaries. More information on the missionaries can be found on the church website, or contact Maynard Buck, Mission Ministry Leader.