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Pastor Joel Fritsche:  Pastor Fritsche write:  “Greetings from the Dominican Republic! As you prepare for Thanksgiving, buying your turkey for a heavily discounted price if you buy $50 of groceries along with it, we’re preparing to buy ours at full price here in the DR, usually about USD $30 for a 15 pound bird. That’s ok. Some things cost more here, especially if you want to eat like a North American. But we have our advantages here in the DR, ones that are not even remotely possible in the USA. We can take the Gospel of Jesus into public schools here! I’ve been digging into the ministry here in my new mission post in Pueblo Nuevo. I am blessed to have some excellent seminarians at my side. Every Friday afternoon we are welcomed with open arms into the public school here to teach the Gospel. We begin with an opening devotion at the front of the school. Nearly 200 children are gathered around before entering the building to hear the Word of God, sing and pray. Following the opening, we go into a few classrooms for a 10-15 minute lesson on the Gospel reading for the week. This is such an incredible opportunity!”  Pastor adds that his wife Clarion celebrated her 40th birthday in November.


Dr. George Naeem:  Among the many people reached through the BOLM ministry throughout the world, Dr. Naeem mentions just some of the results of this ministry. “After the gush of the refugees to Germany, we have started a massive outreach through our local missionaries there and Churches. Pastor Naeem used to broadcast to them once a week for 11 months now. Twelve of them converted to Christ this month and baptized, joining the local Churches mainly Lutherans.  Please pray for Germany and for many of the lost to come to Christ!  Outreach in Hungary is greatly blessed when three Muslims converted to Christ last month. Our focus is based on their growth in faith. Please pray for Hungary! Outreach in Africa is quickly growing.  We praise the Lord for this great outreach in more than 10 countries in Africa. Muslims are coming to Christ with joy! This month of November, BOLM has been blessed by 48 converts. All of them, with their families, got baptized and proclaimed their faith. Please pray for Africa!”


Iantha Scheiwe:  Iantha writes:  “While teaching is not my primary role, I do love any opportunity to serve as a facilitator or teacher. During the past three years the bulk of my teaching time has been with children ages 7-10. God decided it was time to challenge me with a different age group. This year I have three weekly groups. Two of the groups are composed of students who are not Christian. The third group is the ongoing Today’s Light Bible study that I have facilitated now for 3 ½ years. On Monday morning I teach an English class for Mandarin speakers. On Friday morning I teach an English reading group for Mandarin speakers. We are currently reading the story of Joseph in Genesis. The women in the class have never read the Bible before, and I love to hear their questions and their surprise at the twists and turns of the story. I pray that through God’s word they come to know God’s faithfulness to them is as strong and powerful as his faithfulness to Joseph. These classes are community classes, and Church of All Nations provides their office area for me to lead the classes.”


Doug and Tricia Stoner:  For several months the Stoners have been praying for God’s direction regarding leaving Austria and moving to Italy to continue serving in their ministry.  Doug mentioned this at the Dinner on the Green.  A decision has been made, he writes:  “When we left Vienna in the summer, one of the main prayer requests was if we should return there.  You also have been praying for the Lord’s direction for us.  Vienna has had a number of highs and lows and since we are now serving Italy and Slovenia and helping Europe wide, we were not sure if this was the place for us.  A few days ago, we had a day to pray and fast over this and the Lord clearly confirmed to us and others praying with us that we should head back there.  We are very thankful for a renewed calling by God’s grace to help provide stability to the Christian community there which is always in flux and be anchored in our local church.  The Lord has been very good to us in the process and led at the right time.  We plan on flying back on February 12th.  Thanks again for praying for this and being a part of the answer.”


Joe and Viya Stoltenow:  Joe and Viya had a wonderful visit with friends and family while in the US.  Upon their return to Cambodia they write:  “While Viya, Ray and I were in the U.S., Ray of Hope was left in the tender care of our family and staff. Viya’s sister Vimol, who is also our girls tutor, did an incredible job of taking care of the ministry and keeping up with our day to day tasks. I am very proud of our staff because they really treat our center like a second home and make it feel so much warmer and welcoming for our street kids. Our students at Ray of Hope continue to thrive and are making excellent progress in their studies.  Since our last update Vimol has started teaching dance classes for the girls and we are currently looking to hire a Taekwondo instructor for the boys (and girls if they want to). These types of extra-curricular activities are hugely popular here in Cambodia. We are also very happy with the progress the kids are making in their daily Bible classes and Sunday School. It’s so awesome to see the kids learning about Jesus every day and what’s even better is they love it and are growing in their Christian faith. They’re all eager to answer questions and recite their favorite Bible .consistently.”


Dr. Wilhelm Weber:  Dr. Weber writes:  “Thank you for your support of the Old Latin School in Wittenberg. Angelika and I are very grateful for your friendly encouragement as we reach out with the precious gospel in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Together we keep the doors wide open here for visitors, friends and family. Angelika is a teacher at the local Philipp Melanchthon Gesamtschule and I´m a Lutheran pastor here in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.  Join us as we continue to give thanks to the one true God and giver of all good gifts. Him we address for ongoing blessings to share the gospel of his son, our Lord Jesus Christ as we bear witness to his grace, love and mercy towards all people right here in secular Germany.  Please keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours.”


PRAY for all missionaries, that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the peoples throughout the world to know and hear the love of Jesus and the path to eternal life.  Also pray for the health and safety of all missionaries and their families.

MISSIONS/Missionary Support Ministry
All missionaries must raise their own living expenses. The funds are received from churches and individual donors. You or your small group may, at any time, give to a specific missionary by marking their name on “Other” on your Shepherd offering envelope. Consider individually or as a group adopting one of these missionaries. More information on the missionaries can be found on the church website, or contact Maynard Buck, Mission Ministry Leader.