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Rev. Dr. George Naeem- Throughout the World:   This month, Pastor Naeem writes about a Muslim lady converted to Christ – secretly, so her family would not kill her.  Her sister, seeing the difference and questioning the reason also became a Christian.  A BOLM missionary found an unconscious young man in the street from a heroin overdose.  The missionary took him to an emergency room where he was saved physically and spiritually.  Two atheists, one Indian and the other from Puerto Rico, have been converted and were baptized locally.  “Praise Him all the time!”   Prayers are needed for Christians being killed throughout the world, especially in Syria and Iraq, for young Christian women who have been kidnapped, raped and forced to be Muslims and to soften the hearts of families who kill or reject any family member becoming a Christian.

Joe and Viya Stoltenow:  School has resumed in Cambodia and Joe and Viya have added six new students this year for a total of eleven.  Three students will be in the first grade, four in second grade, two in the third grade, one in fifth grade and one in sixth grade.  The returning students are setting an example to the new kids on “how to behave well and how to have good manners.”  Joe and Viya celebrated Raymond’s first birthday in July.    The Stoltenows will be in the US in September and October.  We look forward to hearing about their ministry at SOTH on October 14.

Sharron Wilen:  Summer sessions have been held in Parker and Peyton and have gone really well.  “We are constantly blown away by how God shows up in each and every session – whether it’s a group session or an individual session, or if it’s somebody’s first session or 20th session.  Amazing things happen when we let God be God and the horses be horses!  Son & Reins is looking for two new board members.  If you are interested, contact Sharron at

John and Jenn Wolf: The Wolfs are in the United States this summer and have been crisscrossing the country telling others about their ministry and raising funds for the many projects to grow shepherd pastors, provide mercy in villages, strengthen relationships in new areas, help build new seminaries, help vulnerable children, and more.”  A student at Matongo seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya “needs assistance to complete even his first year of instruction.  Upon graduation, he will increase to seven the quantity of pastors for this young church body with 91 congregations and growing.”  Pray that resources will be forthcoming, for more workers, and for the Holy Spirit to open the hearts of everyone being served in Africa.

PRAY for all missionaries, that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the peoples throughout the world to know and hear the love of Jesus and the path to eternal life.  Also pray for the health and safety of all missionaries and their families.

MISSIONS/Missionary Support Ministry
All missionaries must raise their own living expenses. The funds are received from churches and individual donors. You or your small group may, at any time, give to a specific missionary by marking their name on “Other” on your Shepherd offering envelope. Consider individually or as a group adopting one of these missionaries. More information on the missionaries can be found on the church website, or contact Maynard Buck, Mission Ministry Leader.