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Milestone Journey

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Milestone: Celebrating Baptism

  • Who: Parents who are baptizing their child (Anytime)
  • What: Parents meet with Pastor to plan the baptism, review what baptism entails, and chose sponsors
  • Celebration: A special blessing during services and dinner celebrating all the children baptized during the year.
  • Gift: Baby lamb stuff animal & little lamb for parents to keep and be reminded of praying for his/her spiritual life

Milestone: ABC’s of Worship

  • Who: 3 year olds entering leaving the toddler class and bridging into the preschool Sunday School (Rally Day- September)
  • What: Parents will bless their children as they present a Worship Bag to their child. The 3 year olds will have a special tour of the church during Sunday School to help them know this is their church.
  • Parent Class: Teaching Your 3 Year Old to Worship
  • Celebration: Children will receive a blessing at the 8am Traditional Service

 Milestone: Learning to Pray

  •  Who: Parents and Kindergartners
  • What: Teaching and training for kids and parents on how to pray.  Hands on activities are planned!
  • Celebration: Kids will make a Prayer Pillow and help lead the Lord’s Prayer in the 8am Traditional Service the following Sunday.

Milestone: First Bible

  • Who: Parents and Children in 1st Grade
  • What: Teaching and training for kids and parents on how to read and understand the Bible.  Memory verses and other goals will be given to the children. A special parent and child reception will happen during the Sunday School hour.
  • Parent Class: Teaching Your Child and Family to have Devotions!
  • Celebration: Kids will receive a Bible in the spring during a Bible Presentation at Church.

Milestone: Serving Like Jesus

  • Who: Parents and Kids in 3rd  Grade
  • What: Teaching and training for kids and parents on the elements involved serving others and giving to God.
  • Parent Class: Teaching Your Child to Serve & Give to God
  • Child Class: Being Like Jesus: Washing Feet- 3rd graders will learn the lesson of Jesus washing the disicples feet and how they can serve others for Him. Students will make a basin from clay.
  • Celebration: Kids will receive a towel and basin to help them remember to serve Jesus and others.

Milestone: Confirmation Journey Begins

  • WhoYouth 5th-12th Grade Beginning Confirmation
  • What: A special class to help youth and parents learn about the Confirmation program and overview the catechism.
  • Celebration: Youth will receive their first Catechism at a special blessing during 8am Traditional Service.

Milestone: First Communion

  • Who: Youth completing second year of Confirmation
  • What: Youth will receive their first communion at the Maundy Thursday service.
  • Celebration: Parents and youth will attend a special dinner the Sunday prior and receive a special gift to help them remember the special day.

Milestone: Confirming Faith

    • Who: 8th Grade Students who have completed Confirmation Class
    • What: Youth complete a four-year program learning the fundamental beliefs of our church using Luther’s Small Catechism. At the completion of the class, youth will share their confession of faith and prepare to be confirmed members of our Lutheran Church. Youth will understand that this confession was spoken for them at their baptism and now they as young adults will confirm what was spoken for them at Baptism.
    • Celebration: Faith Statements will be giving on Reformation Sunday during the Education Hour and the Rite of Confirmation will happen at the 10:45am Traditional Service. A special meal for families will be given the Sunday before Reformation.

Milestone: Enjoy the Ride

    • Who: 9th & 10th Graders who are near the time of receiving their driving license
    • What: A special class for parents and teens that teaches the importance of responsibility in connection with preparing for adulthood. A parent and youth evening event will talk about these issues.
    • Celebration: TBA

Milestone: The Launch

    • Who: Graduating High School Seniors
    • What: Students will have a special table to decorate with memorabilia and pictures showing their faith milestone journey at Shepherd.
    • Celebration: A special blanket blessing will be given to graduates during the 10:45am Contemporary service with a reception to follow!