Lutheran Church and School

Rev. Edmund and Deaconess Cherie Auger


The Augers reside in the Dominican Republic.

Pastor Ed serves as LCMS LAC Regional Facilitator for the countries of Guatemala, Mexico, and Panama. In this role, he relates to LCMS missionaries, FORO partners, and national churches in the respective countries. LCMS OIM currently has one missionary family in Panama and two families serving in Mexico. In addition, Pastor Ed serves as mentor for seminary students in residence representing various countries in Latin America.

Deaconess Cherie serves in an administrative position of the new Latin American regional seminary, Seminario El Reformador, located in Palmar Arriba, Dominican Republic. The new seminary will offer partner churches theological and practical training for pastoral and diaconal students. Through her position, Cherie will also instruct deaconess students enrolled in the extension programs of the seminary. The new seminary will be inaugurated in August 2017.

The Augers are natives of New Hampshire.  Before accepting the call to serve in the Dominican Republic, the Augers served the Lord in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Florida, Texas and the Cayman Islands. They have three children and four grandchildren.

The Thursday Morning Bible Study supports the Augers through prayer, offerings and soup suppers.